Saturday, May 23, 2015

YALI Showcase 2015 - Highlights

The planned YALI Showcase 2015 was awesome.

Startups, SMEs and Not for profits at all stages of growth (ideation, growing, pivoting) showed up to show what they were working on and to get feedback from a super panel of advisers.


All ears panelists Eddah, Lameez and Jerry

Lina of was the moderator for the day

illumine Global

Doris of  PACE

Sharon of heartprints

Awil Osman showcases UWAZI

Jerry and Sam catching on a break

The Network networks

Daisy of Strauss Energy breaking it down

Lynn Brook Ravine chats with Faith Pan African Airlines

Linda Sifuma of Plus Soles knows where your shoe pinches

Sam Muya can turn a Nairobi jam into a productive workplace using technology

Super Daisy of Strauss Energy

Jirani using technology for neighbourhood security

KE-cert cyber crime can be fought by volunteers

Collins Nakedi of Hifadhi Africa

Brook Ravine - Mentorship in Makongeni

Lameez getting clarification

Grace of Able Pursuit

Identical Family - Twins fundraising for Projects

Liz Rees brings home a point

Eddah delivers feedback

Jerry Crossan on what it takes to grow your business

Sam Kariuki on how business works in Kenya

John Paul of the iHub and YALI network gives a vote of thanks

The Panel
LEFT Liz Rees, Dr. Alexander
 MIDDLE Lina of Linaconnect, John Paul, Sam Kariuki (author of The Guy who fired his boss)
RIGHT Eddah Kanini , Jerry Crossan of Lelapafund

After seeing what is possible with the Showcase plans are underway to formalize the structure... to include a training program and support for those who take part in the YALI network showcase to be able to connect with funding and resources.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015



Its been a long time coming but finally members of YALI network Nairobi Kenya will get a chance to show the projects they are working on

Having had a training on 25th April at the iHub and a few weeks preparation members are now presentation ready.
This will be followed by an eight week boot camp to bring the teams to investor readiness.

The timing is beautiful seeing all the other activities that are about to happen such as the Global Entrepreneurship Summit apply here which US president Obama will be attending


John Paul of iHub UX lab brainstorm session

Sam Kariuki - author of How I fired my boss in session

Phillip Victor - a consultant breaking it down

Elizabeth Kagwanja of Smile for Miles

Lynn Mugeni of Brook Ravine

Grace Waguthii of Able Pursuit shares a point